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Determine Your Training Plan to Sunset Legacy Courses

Before creating any new assignments, it is crucial that you first assess all active assignments, especially Automated Assignments, to prevent any learners from getting invitations for the wrong content.

Search for all assignments with courses that contain a legacy version of a course (listed here). You will need to decide when you want to deactivate these assignments and how you will communicate that with learners who are still in progress.

**Pro Tip: One way to improve completion rates and sunset the use of legacy courses is to communicate a hard deadline to learners. If they do not complete their assignments by that due date, then they will need to start again from the beginning in the new assignment with the new course versions.


Deactivate Assignments with Legacy Course Versions

Once you decide the hard deadlines and communications plans, it is time to turn off these assignments. The version of the assignments in your account will determine your next steps.

Deactivated assignments will still appear in reporting (data insights, training progress), on learner’s dashboards, and in user profiles. They can always be accessed by adjusting the filters on the Assignments page.

Dropdown menu to select "Show All Assignments"

Step A

First, see what assignment version you are using.

    1. In the left navigation, look for Settings at the bottom and click to expand
    2. Is there an option for Training Periods?

Training Periods in the Settings Menu, then go to Step B.  →  Yes  →  Go to Step B

Settings Menu Without Training Periods, then go to Step C  →  No  →  Go to Step C


Step B

Ultimately, you will need to completely deactivate your assignments, also known as archive. Follow the instructions in the Archive an Active Assignment section on this Deactivate an Assignment page. This will prevent any new learners from being added and in-progress learners from continuing through.

*If you would like to allow in-progress learners the chance to complete their assignment before that, then you will follow the Close an Active Assignment section. This will allow learners in progress the opportunity to complete the assignment while no new learners can be added. Afterwards, you will still need to archive the assignment.


Step C

Follow the instructions under the Deactivating Assignments section of the Legacy Assignment Logic article  which splits further into next steps for Quick and Automated Assignments.