SCORM Integration

If your organization deploys EVERFI training via SCORM Dispatch, you will need to upload these new content packages to your LMS/HRIS. An EVERFI representative will send you the new versions for all courses available in your library. We will send the same version (1.2 or 2004) that you are currently using set with the same retraining schedule. 

If you would like to adjust the retraining schedule, please complete this 2021 Library Refresh Form. You will need to input the date you want the new courses and any adjustments to the SCORM Dispatch Retraining settings.

For more information and training plan examples, please read about the SCORM Dispatch Reassignment Process. If you have any questions, you can send a message to Customer Support.

API Integration

For accounts using the API Integration, the integration will need to be updated with the new course information. This will ensure that the correct progress data is being transferred and associated with the correct learner.

EVERFI Public API Postman Collection is where technical administrators can go for sample templates, documentation, and sample requests to update the integration. Go to the Contents section to make the updates regarding the updated courses.

We strongly recommend using the Course ID to ensure the correct course version is being used. The names and course IDs of the new courses can be found on the 2021 Library Refresh Course List.