On May 6th, the Department of Education released the long-awaited final regulations for implementing protections of equal access to education under Title IX of the Higher Education Act of 1972. Given the profound impact of COVID-19 on colleges and universities, we recognize the difficulty of assessing the implications of these regulations for your campus and enacting necessary policy, procedure, or other changes at this time. 

EVERFI’s subject matter experts, legal editors, and product development team spent months preparing for these new regulations. We will ensure that our current suite of sexual assault prevention courses are fully compliant with all Title IX regulations by the effective date of August 14, 2020.

In case you missed it, please review the full statement from the Campus Prevention Network’s Senior Vice President, Rob Buelow. This also includes a template you can use to update your own leadership team and community. Read EVERFI’s Response

In preparation for the new Title IX regulations, we wanted to provide this resource to share important information about EVERFI’s plans for updating our sexual assault prevention courses, as well as recommendations for your upcoming course implementation. 

Please note: The information on this page is not intended to provide legal advice and is not a substitute for legal advisors. The information is provided solely for informational and educational purposes.

EVERFI Course Updates

EVERFI is committed to updating our current suite of sexual assault prevention/Title IX courses by August 14, 2020. We will continue to update this page over the coming weeks, and will also communicate with customers directly regarding platform and/or course specific updates. Please reach out to your Account Manager directly if you have any questions regarding which of your courses are affected by these updates.

The new Title IX regulations, promulgated by the Department of Education, are sweeping and substantial. Our courses containing Title IX content are complete in their treatment of prevention, reporting, and legal responsibilities in order to offer communities the best foundation for prevention and culture change. Because of this, we are taking all necessary precautions to review the changes we’re making to our courses with our legal , prevention , and impact experts. 

After initial course reviews, compared to the new regulations, we have identified the following areas where we are making significant updates to our courses:

  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Discussion of reporting and Responsible Employees
  • Treatment of the grievance process
  • Discussion of off-campus events
  • Related scenarios and skill-building exercises
  • Other issues related to considerations of Respondent rights and free speech

Implementation Recommendations

Given the scope and timing of the new Title IX regulations,  we strongly recommend delaying implementation of sexual assault prevention/Title IX courses with your students, faculty, and staff until after August 14, 2020. 

This timeline will ensure that EVERFI’s course content is aligned with the new regulations, and provide the opportunity for you to incorporate any updates to your institution’s policies and procedures.

Given that the timing of the new regulations likely impacts your traditional course deployment strategy, we’ve provided some recent FAQs and suggestions below. We highly recommend seeking guidance from your institution’s Title IX Coordinator and other compliance officials as you navigate the implementation planning process.


Our campus policies are not changing significantly. Should we still wait?

EVERFI is committed to providing up-to-date and compliant course content. The changes to our courses are small, but extensive, and address some of the finer nuances of the Title IX regulations in order to ensure that our courses do not contradict either your policies or the law. We recommend waiting until the courses are updated in order to provide learners with this updated information. 


Do I need to delay implementation for all student courses?

Institutions may choose to proceed with other planned course implementations as desired (e.g., AlcoholEdu for College, Mental Well-Being for Students), as it may be beneficial to provide students with this education in June or July. However, splitting up your implementation will require additional steps for administrators and learners. Ultimately, you should do what is best for your institution!


Our school already launched in May. What now?

We strongly encourage you to find ways to communicate and address any inconsistencies between the new regulations and our courses. We would also recommend launching one of EVERFI’s refresher courses in the fall to allow for students, faculty, and staff to receive the updated content.


Should we re-train all students, faculty, and staff?

As a best practice suggestion, in addition to implementing with incoming students, faculty, and staff, we recommend deploying your sexual assault prevention courses to returning students and employees in order to provide them with the updated course information.


Can EVERFI courses be used to train Title IX employees?

EVERFI courses may be used to deliver prevention and education training on sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking to any incoming or ongoing employee as required by federal and state laws.

EVERFI’s courses do not address the Title IX employee role-specific topics related to the investigation and adjudication of Title IX reports as required by Title IX regulations and therefore should not be used to train Title IX employees to perform these functions. EVERFI does not allow the public publishing of our courses or materials.


As you prepare for the new Title IX regulations, we also recommend that you review your course customizations (e.g., policies, resources) prior to deployment.

To access additional implementation recommendations and best practice resources, please visit our new resource page: Leveraging EVERFI Resources in a Remote Environment.

If you would like to further discuss the impact of the Title IX updates to your implementation planning, please reach out to your EVERFI Account Manager.