Topics and Learning Objectives

  • Compare the services and products provided by credit unions and banks.
  • Evaluate individual needs and goals for a financial institution.
  • Learn skills to find the right credit union.

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Being a member of a credit union can offer great benefits, but many consumers don’t understand how a credit union differs from a bank. Take a few minutes to understand the benefits that are exclusive to credit unions and whether they fit your financial goals.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The differences between credit unions and banks
  • The products and services offered by credit unions
  • How to find the right credit union for you

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Ever wonder about the differences between credit unions and banks? Take this short lesson to learn about the top benefits of a credit union: [INSERT LINK]

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Deciding between a credit union and a bank, but not sure about the similarities and differences are? Either could be right for you, and some people even have both! Take this short lesson to figure out which type of financial institution best fits your current needs: [INSERT LINK]

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