Topics and Learning Objectives

  • Describe the steps needed to apply for a car loan.
  • Determine a personal budget for buying a car.
  • Explain how car loans are calculated.
  • Describe the life of a loan and buyer responsibilities associated with making payments.

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Buying a car is a big decision that may feel intimidating or confusing. This short learning course reviews the steps, options, and resources involved in the process to help guide you in your selection and purchase.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The steps to apply for a car loan
  • Developing your budget for buying a car
  • Calculating your payments

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Are you looking to buy a car and wondering what payment options are available to you? Explore different ways to purchase a car, understand how financing can help you, and determine just how much car you can afford. Additionally, learn 3 simple steps to apply for a car loan: [INSERT LINK]

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