Topics and Learning Objectives

  • Learn how small businesses build and maintain credit.
  • Explore how creditworthiness is measured for small businesses.
  • Identify the documents needed for small business credit applications.
  • Examine the connection between personal and business credit.

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Not all business owners get approved for the full amount of credit they apply for. It’s important to understand the different types of business credit available and the best practices to help you get approved.

Prepare for your business credit application with insights around:

  • The factors involved in business credit application approvals
  • Compiling the documents needed for your application
  • Understanding your options for obtaining credit

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Do you know how lenders will assess your small business credit application? Set yourself up for success by learning more about what you can do to increase your chances of getting approved: [LINK]

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Many small business owners use personal funds to cover financial expenditures. You can avoid that situation by learning how to navigate the process of applying for and getting approved for business credit via our interactive course: [LINK]

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