Topics and Learning Objectives

  • Understand different ways to pay for college.
  • Calculate unexpected college costs.
  • Identify tools to help build college savings.
  • Know student aid options to help pay for college.
  • Calculate out-of-pocket costs and estimated student aid.
  • Calculate amount of savings needed for college.

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It may seem like the cost of college out of reach, but with a little bit of research, planning, and saving, you can figure how to pay for the college education you’ve always wanted for yourself or your children. Take this short lesson to learn more about:

  • Different ways to pay for college
  • Tools to help you calculate costs and build your college savings
  • Student aid options and other financial supplements

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Will you or a family member be attending college soon? Understand the different costs of college and learn more about the different ways you can save. Try our calculator to estimate your financial aid and out-of-pocket college costs: [INSERT LINK]

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