Understand why taxes are important, how to stay on top of your taxes, and the steps for filing so that you can avoid the stress of tax season.

Duration: 5-7 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Define taxes and explain how they’re used and why they’re important.
  • What personal information and tax forms they will need to gather in order to file.
  • Explain tax terms such as filing status, dependents, tax brackets and others.
  • Describe the process of completing and filing their taxes.

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We’re all probably familiar with paying taxes, but may not fully understand the process or the impact they can have on our financial lives. Filing your taxes may feel overwhelming, but our quick tax lesson will give you some tips that might help put you at ease. We will review:

  • The different types of taxes and why they’re important
  • What personal information and forms you will need
  • Common tax terms and the process to file your taxes

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Avoid the stress of tax season! Get the insights you need to feel prepared to file your taxes – try this short interactive lesson: [INSERT LINK]

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Avoid the stress of tax season! Understanding some important terms and guidelines can help you have a smoother filing experience. Try this short interactive lesson to get the insights you need to feel prepared to file your taxes: [INSERT LINK]

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