Course Description

AlcoholEdu for College encourages students to reflect on their drinking and encourages safe decision-making, making campuses safer for all. Topics include alcohol, vaping, and cannabis awareness and prevention and training for students.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide information about alcohol and other drugs, and campus policies as required by EDGAR Part 86¬†
  • Equip students with bystander intervention training to intervene when witnessing dangerous or concerning behavior
  • Inform students about the emotional¬† and physical effects of cannabis and e-cigarette use

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Pre-Assessment Quiz

Module 2

Pre-Course Survey (Survey 1)
Drinker Profile
Student Engagement:

    • Learn more about alcohol and other drug addiction recovery related programs and services available on your campus
    • Learn more about connecting with other students who are interested in a social life that isn’t focused around alcohol

Module 3: Expectations & Relationships

Module 4: Brain & Body

Module 5: Being in Community

Policy Acknowledgement

Module 6:

Student Engagement:

    • Get more involved in setting their own campus policies or improving the campus social climate
    • Attend events that do not focus on alcohol
    • Plan events that do not focus on alcohol

Module 7: Conclusion

In-Course Survey (Survey 2)
Post-Assessment Exam

The purpose of the Part 2 Survey is to measure learning outcomes and behavioral changes resulting from going through this course.

We recommend assigning Part 2 after a 4-6 week intersession is to allow learners to incorporate what they learned into their daily lives and experiences with their peers.

Automated Assignments can be used to implement an intersession.

Post-Course Survey

Course Materials and Tools

Evaluating the Efficacy of AlcoholEdu for College

Sample Impact Report

Alcohol-Related Attrition Calculator

Implementation Resources

Course Flier

Course Outline and Learning Objectives

Configuration Guide

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