Course Description

This course teaches employees about the complex maze of antitrust laws and regulations governing trade and competition in the marketplace. It introduces employees to major concepts, explains why antitrust law is important, teaches employees how to recognize anticompetitive conduct, and covers how to avoid and report violations. Employees will gain a thorough understanding of how to practice fair competition and uphold your organization’s integrity.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognizing the importance of antitrust laws 
  • Comparing antitrust laws in different regions of the world 
  • Recognizing and avoiding behavior that may be in violation of antitrust law

Course Syallabus

The module introduces the idea of antitrust law and a high-level overview of why it is important. 

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In this module, the learner reflects on the importance of antitrust law and how it protects both consumers and organizations. They then are introduced to major antitrust laws from around the world, as well as how to recognize and avoid restraints in trade. Through several interactive scenarios, they apply their knowledge and practice identifying whether or not certain behaviors are in violation of antitrust law.

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In this module, monopolies are defined and the learner explores several common ways in which they are abused. The learner is also introduced to the appropriate reporting procedure, identifying the correct process to follow and what information is necessary to submit a report. Through interactive scenarios, the learner applies this knowledge and practices identifying instances they would need to report.

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In this module, the learner is provided with a brief review of the concepts learned in the course. This is where you include your policies and resources.

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Course Materials and Tools

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