Course Description

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), passed in 2018, regulates how to collect, use, and disclose some types of personal information. This course educates employees on CCPA, a company’s compliance obligations under the CCPA, and their role in supporting those efforts, and obligations to delete and disclose the personal information of consumers.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of the CCPA 
  • Consumer Protection
  • Employee Data 
  • Impact on Businesses

Course Syallabus

This module introduces the CCPA and its immediate effects on both individuals and organizations. The learner is informed of the specific rights consumers have under the CCPA, the differences of treatment between consumer and employee data, and the specific impact these rights will have on the processes and policies of applicable organizations. This module contains 1 custom policy page and 4 other configurable pages.

1 Custom Policy Acknowledgement

4 Customizable pages

Course Materials and Tools

For Companies and Organizations

Implementation Resources

Configuration Guide

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