Course Description

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging course will consist of five core modules, plus an introductory and conclusion module. The content is designed to be relevant for a variety of industries and workplaces, including remote or hybrid work environments.

Each core module is designed to be 5-10 minutes in length. They can be assigned all at once as one longer course experience (a single learning activity) or assigned on an individual module basis for something more flexible (each module is its own learning activity).

This course is part of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Suite.

Learning Objectives

  • Define key concepts related to diversity, equity and inclusion in the working environment 
  • Describe the value of workplace diversity and a culture of inclusion and equity 
  • Demonstrate respectful and appropriate interactions in different cultural contexts
  • Demonstrate appropriate prevention and intervention skills to foster diversity and inclusion, mitigate bias, and address acts of exclusion. 
  • Demonstrate active listening and positive language skills

Course Syallabus

An introduction to the content, setting the stage for learning by reinforcing the purpose of the course, providing important notes about language used and avenues for further support, and housing the pre-assessment and pre-survey, along with any configurable content.

  • 1 Customizable Content Page
  • 1 Custom Video Page
  • 1 Custom Policy
  • Additional Custom Resources

This module introduces the learner to foundational terms and concepts around diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as key characteristics and behaviors that contribute to a healthy, inclusive, and equitable working environment of belonging.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages

Learners reflect on their own identities, and to begin understanding the complexities of holding multiple identities. Additionally, it will focus on the relationship between identity and power dynamics in a workplace. Through an engaging scenario, learners will practice recognizing and taking positive action if they observe concerning attitudes or behavior based on identity.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages

What are the origins of biases, common types of bias, and the impact that bias can play on our own decision making? This module also equips learners with strategies for recognizing and addressing bias when they notice it in action (including in their own thinking) to support a working environment of belonging.

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This module will emphasize the impact learners have on creating a working environment of belonging through exploring the topic of microaggressions. The content will help learners understand the impact of subtle, yet common, microaggressions (such as touching someone’s hair, commenting about body size, and more), as well as provide concrete guidance about what to do or say instead. Learners will focus on how to respond if one commits a microaggression, as well as how to respond if someone is the target of a microaggression in the workplace.

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Explore allyship, and as an extension, working as an advocate or accomplice. There will be a focus on effective communication and how to take positive action as an ally. Learners will practice various strategies for supporting inclusion.

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This module will conclude the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging course, reinforcing the positive impact that everyone can have on fostering belonging in their workplace environment. This module also houses the post-assessment and post-course survey, as well as configurable content.

This is the module you share your policies and additional resources.

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  • 1 Customizable Content Page
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  • Additional Custom Resources

Course Materials and Tools

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