Suite Description

Designed to meet institutions and organizations where they are in their learning journey, EVERFI’s new Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Suite helps employees and leaders gain the skills they need to collaborate in an increasingly diverse workforce and cultivate a speak up, ally culture.

This new suite will not only make important but complex topics like equity, identity, unconscious bias, microaggressions and more both accessible and applicable for learners, but will increase awareness, deepen understanding and encourage positive action throughout your organization.

In each of the versions of the course, core modules are designed to be 5-10 minutes in length. They can be assigned all at once as one longer course experience (a single learning activity) or assigned on an individual module basis for something more flexible (each module is its own learning activity).

Topics Covered

Define identity and demonstrate appropriate intervention skills to address acts of exclusion. This lesson will focus on the relationship between identity and power dynamics in a workplace.


Explore the origins of biases and the impact that they have on decision making. This lesson equips learners to recognize and addresses bias when they encounter it in people or processes.


Emphasize the importance of a workplace culture where everyone feels that they belong. This lesson will encourage learners to reflect on their own actions and understand the impact of subtle, yet common microaggressions.

Leading Inclusive Teams

Highlight the benefits of an inclusive team. This lesson will teach leaders to address microaggressions and exclusionary behaviors.

Inclusion in Hiring

Share common examples of hiring practices that can support inclusion and equity, including equity in pay. This lesson will allow learners to practice finding examples of bias in a job description.

Performance Management

Prepare your leaders for performance reviews and management. This lesson allows learners to address the role that bias can play in feedback, development, and advancement decisions.

Course Versions

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Employees

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Leaders

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Students

Course Materials and Tools

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