Course Description

Drug and alcohol abuse may severely affect the efficiency and safety of your workplace. By knowing the signs of substance abuse and being aware of the proper reporting channels, employees can contribute to a positive and healthy work environment.

Drugs & Alcohol at Work is designed to train employees about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. It shows employees the negative impact of substance abuse, and discusses the physiological and behavioral effects of commonly abused substances. It also covers the disease of addiction, the employer’s anti-drug and alcohol policy, the consequences for violations, and resources for employees.

Learning Objectives

  • Begin to build an understanding surrounding the many topic areas that comprise addiction and substance abuse in the workplace
  • Recognize the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse at work
  • Recognize commonly abused substances and the problems they cause
  • Identify common signs of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Recognize common physiological and behavioral consequences of addiction

Course Syallabus

The introduction presents a high level of all the concepts covered in Drugs and Alcohol at Work. A tutorial instructs the learner on how to navigate the course.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages
  • 1 Custom Video Page

In this module, learners will review the signs of substance abuse, the dangers of addiction, and recognize the benefits of a positive and healthy work environment.

In this module, learners will develop an awareness of the proper reporting channels and review resources for addressing drug and alcohol problems at work. There are opportunities to add your organization’s policies regarding substance use and abuse at work, consequences of breaking policy, in-house resources or hotlines, and a confidentiality statement.

  • 2 Custom Policies
  • 3 Customizable Content Pages

Course Materials and Tools

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