Course Description

This course offers an overview of US insider trading laws and provides practical information to help employees comply in an ever-evolving legal landscape. Modules break down the complex concept of insider trading into easily understood elements. The course also discusses particular types of insider trading, exceptions to the legal prohibition on insider trading, and penalties for insider trading.

Learning Objectives

  • Define insider trading, non-public information, and material information
  • Recognize examples of insider trading
  • Recognize the costs and consequences of insider trading
  • Define tipping and misappropriation of information
  • Understand how to avoid inadvertently participating in tipping
  • Recognize exceptions to the legal prohibitions

Course Syallabus

The module introduces the topic of insider trading and breaks down the various topics the learner will explore throughout the course. It also emphasizes the context of the course as it covers insider trading under U.S. federal law.

  • 1 Customizable Content Page
  • 1 Custom Video Page

This module explores the differences between material and non-public information. The learner will explore how to identify each type of information, and how to discern when non-public information becomes public.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages

This module builds on the skills learned previously by applying it to explore how to differentiate between types of insider trading to determine when it is illegal and when it is not illegal. It explores misappropriation of information, tipping about inside information, and the most common exceptions to the prohibition on insider trading.

  • 1 Customizable Content Page

This module concludes the course and provides the opportunity for multiple configurable pages where the learner can review any materials specified by their organization. This is the module you share your policies and additional resources.

  • 3 Custom Policies
  • 4 Customizable Content Pages
  • 1 Custom Video Page
  • Additional Custom Resources

Course Materials and Tools

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