Course Description

Designed for employees based in or doing business in Canada, Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Canada helps employees learn skills to build a healthy workplace culture. The course will engage employees and raises their awareness and bystander intervention skills addressing harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

This course is compliant for:

  • federal regulated organizations in Canada
  • provincially regulated organizations in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador

Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Canada is part of the Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Suite.

Learning Objectives

Learners will learn to use the appropriate actions to prevent or stop harassment with practical tips on creating a culture that promotes respect and professionalism with bystander intervention strategies and active allyship at the core.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

The first section introduces learners to the course topics, functionality, and the idea of positive workplace culture in which everyone plays a role.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages
  • 1 Custom Video Page
  • Pre-Course Survey

Module 2: Awareness

The second section introduces learners to the concept of developing awareness in the context of discrimination based on protected categories in the workplace.

Module 3: Attitudes

In this module, supervisors will review The third section encourages learners to cultivate positive, productive attitudes in the workplace, this module addresses barriers to intervention and problematic behaviors including harassment and behaviors that can lead to harassment.

  • 1 Customizable Content Page

Module 4: Action

This module introduces learners to the steps that can be taken to address a broad range of potential or actual harmful conduct, and available remedies and penalties to hold offenders accountable.

  • 2 Customizable Content Pages

Module 5: Conclusion

The course concludes by reinforcing the elements of bystander intervention. Learners are also encouraged to explore additional resources before the conclusion.

  • 1 Custom Policy
  • 2 Customizable Content Pages
  • 1 Custom Video Page
  • Custom Reporting Resources

The purpose of the Part 2 Survey is to measure learning outcomes and behavioral changes resulting from going through this course.

We recommend assigning Part 2 after a 4-6 week intersession is to allow learners to incorporate what they learned into their daily lives and experiences with their peers.

Automated Assignments can be used to implement an intersession.

Post-Course Survey

Course Materials and Tools

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