Course Description

By raising awareness of the laws surrounding online privacy, this course helps supervisors understand the importance of maintaining clear boundaries between employees’ personal and professional use of social media to protect their organization’s interests. This course also educates users about certain laws affecting social media use and employment and offers helpful tips for responsible social media management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Employer Policies 
  • Gross Misconduct 
  • Disclosures & Transparency 
  • Protections on Social Media

Course Syallabus

This module provides a brief introduction on how managers use social media to prepare the learner for subsequent modules.

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This module introduces the learner to a variety of types of social media and employee rights related to usage of social media. The module outlines the risks associated with using them and explores how to respond should the organization ever be under attack via social media. The learner further explores navigating customer service via social media.

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This module dives into the usage of social media in the context of hiring and throughout employment. The learner will explore the potential consequences of researching applicants’ social profiles and will learn more about state laws regarding social media use. The right to privacy is explored, as well as the question of whether or not managers should add their employees on social accounts. The learner has the opportunity to apply all lessons learned through interactive scenarios.

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This module introduces the learner to employees’ labor rights, which they practice identifying through interactive scenarios. They are able to identify Internet overuse, and explore the role social media plays in online employee referrals and recommendations.

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This module provides a brief conclusion and summary of the course content. This is the module you share your policies and additional resources.

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