Course Description

This course teaches supervisors how to promptly conduct investigations upon learning of problems. Supervisors will gain knowledge to go forth and confidently conduct investigations in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Protected Activities
  • Characteristics of Effective Investigations
  • Best Practices for Investigating
  • Interviewing Guidelines and Process
  • Determining Credibility
  • Reaching a Conclusion

Course Syallabus

This module provides a brief introduction to the course content, including the thought behind the course’s usage of person-first language.

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This module explores the different occurrences that may prompt a workplace investigation and identifies reasons why they are important to enforcing a safe work environment for all people. Through reviewing specifics on how to perform an effective investigation, as well as how to ensure the investigation respects employees’ rights, the learner gains important knowledge on how to contribute to a safe work environment. The learner then applies this knowledge through several interactive scenarios.

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This module prepares the learner to effectively plan an investigation by introducing several best practices. It reinforces the importance of documentation throughout the investigative process, and also provides pros and cons to different types of investigators the learner may consider when choosing who to lead the investigation. After every section, the learner applies the knowledge gained through interactive scenarios.

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This module dives deeper into the investigation itself through identifying several best practices and providing the learner with guidelines for an effective and respectful interview process. By outlining the different approaches to take when interviewing the person harmed, the suspect, and others involved, the learner explores these best practices and is then able to apply them to interactive scenarios. The module also outlines several problems to avoid, as well as provides helpful tips to guide the learner in determining credibility of those interviewed. Finally, it explores in-depth how to create a final report, and what process should be followed in reaching a conclusion from the investigation.

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This module identifies processes for the learner to follow when implementing the decisions made after an investigation has concluded. The module progresses from how to inform the involved parties and determine what punishment is appropriate to discipline anybody who has violated organizational policy, to what remedial actions may be appropriate for the person harmed and the importance of following up with all parties involved a few weeks after the investigation has concluded.

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This module provides a brief conclusion and summary of the course content.

This is the module you share your policies and additional resources.

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Course Materials and Tools

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