Answer the Call:
Driving Social Impact Through K-12 Education

Character Playbook LIVE

The event features interactive activities and a student-led Q&A session aimed to focus the conversation on the benefits of character education and the lessons learned from the Character Playbook program.

Character Playbook Classroom Visit

United Way representatives, NFL team players, cheerleaders and mascots kick off the school visit by interacting with a class of students as they work on the Character Playbook program in a library or classroom setting (on laptops).

Character Playbook Essay Contest

Students are instructed to choose one of three prompts that require reflection and further exploration into the concepts covered in the course.

Character Playbook Certification Ceremony

The NFL team, United Way, and EverFi select a school that’s exhibited excellent activation within the Character Playbook program. The team will bring their mascot, cheerleaders and players to hold a ceremony for the students.

Character Playbook Experience (CPX)

CPX is held at the teams’ practice facility or on school athletic fields. Students are divided into 6-7 groups to work through six to seven activity stations. Each station has a football camp skill.

Character Playbook Resource Library

An interactive online social and emotional learning platform aimed to empower students with the skills they need to cultivate character and maintain healthy relationships.

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