Achieve Program Launch Guide

A Step-by-Step Handbook For Building, Launching, and Promoting Your Financial Education Program.

Wealth Transfer

Learn more about the ways wealth can be transferred.

Understanding Your Student Loan

Student loans are designed to help students pay for higher education. Learn more about the different types of student loans, important student loan terms and student loan repayment options.

Healthy Financial Habits

Learn more about how you can develop healthy financial habits needed for financial well-being.


Understand what an annuity is and its role in retirement planning.

Reporting Elder Financial Abuse

Learn what steps to take to report suspected elder financial abuse.

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

Learn about the benefits of planning for financial caregiving and what you need to get started.

Planning For A Financial Caregiver

Learn about the benefits of planning for financial caregiving and what you need to get started.

Expectations Of A Financial Caregiver

Understand the emotional, physical, and mental traits needed to be a financial caregiver.

Becoming A Financial Caregiver

Recognize expectations, procedures, and documents in becoming a caregiver.

When To Collect Social Security

Identify the significance of Social Security to their financial goals.

Taxes: The Basics

Define taxes and explain how they’re used and why they’re important.

Sustainable Investing

Explore how to use sustainable investing to support the causes that are important to you while building a financial portfolio.

Small Business Financial Statements

Identify the importance of business financial statements

Small Business Banking Services

Identify the banking services commonly available to a small business.

Shopping For Insurance

Evaluate personal insurance needs.

Savings Accounts

Classify traditional saving vehicles/types as related to reaching short- and long- term personal goals.

Reverse Mortgages

Understand how reverse mortgages work and the different types of reverse mortgages.

Preventing Overdraft Fees

Evaluate products and programs to manage checking accounts to avoid overdraft charges.

Prepaid Cards

Explore the purpose of estate planning and how it may be used to secure your future.

Planning For Retirement

Understand their retirement savings choices.

Paying For College

Understand different ways to pay for college.


Define mortgages and explain how they are used.

Mortgage Relief

Understand the ongoing costs of an existing mortgage and potential costs of a new mortgage.

Mobile And Online Banking

Explain how to use online and mobile banking.

Mindful Living

Learn about the fundamentals, benefits, and strategies you can use to practice mindful living.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Describe the purpose and features of Traditional and Roth IRAs.

Investment Property

Understand the reasons why property investment can be beneficial.

Identity Protection

Describe how stolen identity occurs and the financial impact to victims.

How Businesses Use Credit

Explore why and how small businesses use credit

How Businesses Obtain Credit

Learn how small businesses build and maintain credit.

Health Savings Accounts

Define common terms associated with Health Savings Accounts.

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FCN Member Newsletter: September 2019

As summer comes to an end, we’re looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring!

Access Locked

FCN Member Newsletter: October 2019

We’re implementing the updated EVERFI Financial Literacy course in schools across the country, working together with financial and higher education institutions to bring the..

FIRE Lifestyle

Describe the FIRE Lifestyle and how it can lead to financial independence and early retirement.

Family Conversations About Money

Discover appropriate conversations about money that can include children, partners, grandparents, and extended family.

Estate Planning

Explore the purpose of estate planning and how it may be used to secure your future.

Developing A Business Plan

Understanding the importance of a business plan.

Debt Management

Build and apply an action plan for paying off and eliminating debt.

Credit Scores And Reports

Better understand the importance of credit, how to monitor their credit, and how to improve and maintain credit.

Credit Cards

Describe how credit cards work and their benefits.

Creating A Budget

Identify income streams and expenses.

Considering Homeownership

Assess whether they should rent or buy a home now or in the near future.

Checking Accounts

Understand the purpose of checking accounts compared to other account options.

Certificates Of Deposit (CDs)

Understand the process of funding a CD, limits, and tax-savings.

Car Loans

Describe the steps needed to apply for a car loan.

Buying a Home

Understand the steps to buying a home.

Benefits of a Credit Union

Compare the services and products provided by credit unions and banks.

529 Plans

Describe the purpose of 529 plans.

401(K) Plans

Understand the process of funding a 401K plan, limits, and tax-savings.

Explore more

Budgeting for Families

Learn more about how you can create budgeting solutions for you and your family.

Paying Your Student Loans

Education is an investment in yourself but can come at a high cost. Learn the basics of student loan debt and find guidance on how to pay off your loans.

Budget Hacks: The College Edition

Explore some best practices and hacks for how to navigate the student experience on a budget.

Preparing for Graduation

Learn what financial goals to think about as you prepare to graduate.