Sexual Assault Prevention for Student Athletes

Strengthen learners’ understanding of sexual assault prevention and empower them to be positive influences in your community.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students

Sexual Assault Prevent for Graduate Students equips learners with the tools needed to navigate new and complex relationships including how to identify and respond to harassment from a faculty member, advisor, or peers.

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Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Canada

Designed for employees based in or doing business in Canada, Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Canada helps employees learn skills to build a healthy workplace culture.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Students

Learners will explore key concepts including identity, equity,
diversity, inclusive behavior, allyship and self care.

CommunityEdu: Fraternity & Sorority Life

CommunityEdu: Fraternity & Sorority Life addresses key topics for college environments. Members learn to create more inclusive and healthy communities, stand up as leaders in their community, and use their skills beyond graduation.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging for Employees

Through thought provoking scenarios, personal reflection, and opportunities to practice new skills, learners will build the needed skills to actively contribute to a positive workplace culture.