EVERFI evaluated one year of program data for select partners across six asset tiers. After analyzing the results, the following promotional best practices became evident. Leverage these strategies to maximize learner engagement and usage.

Social Media Promotion

EVERFI encourages partners to post frequent, relevant, and varied content with deep links into modules. It’s important to create and curate a diversity of content to avoid redundancy and maintain learner interest in the program. Explore our library of social media messaging templates or the Achieve Content Marketing Library for module-specific copy that you can share via your social media accounts.

Scheduling is also an essential component of any promotional campaign. Consider posting with seasonal messages and responding to major events in real time with relevant education. Our Seasonal Marketing Calendar toolkit includes a wealth of ideas and suggestions for how to align your outreach with seasonal events.

Deep Linking

A deep link is a URL that links directly to a particular playlist or module, rather than the comprehensive landing page (i.e., linking to the Checking Accounts module on your website’s Checking Accounts page). Deep linking allows you to share a small slice of your program in a more targeted way. This tactic boosts engagement by promoting topics at the most relevant time and to the most receptive audience. To deploy deep linking effectively, first identify your target audiences and establish the best channels to reach them.

EVERFI recommends using a targeted linking strategy that makes use of deep links to specific playlists and modules, in addition to linking to your main program site. For additional guidance, reach out to your Account Manager — we’ll work with you to recommend where to strategically place links to optimize usage and engagement.

Incentive Campaigns

Incentive campaigns are an invaluable tool for driving learner engagement with your program. Partners who run incentive programs see up to 18x more modules started and 23x more modules completed. Consider whether you will add an incentive campaign to your program and how you might structure it to best suit your needs.

There are two main types of campaigns partners typically run. The first is an ongoing sweepstakes with monthly or quarterly drawings for a prize or for cash. The second type of incentive campaign is pairing a benefit your institution offers in exchange for completion of a module or playlist. Instead of one winner being chosen at random, this kind of incentive is typically guaranteed to all participants who complete the prescribed modules. For more information on how to run a successful incentive program, reach out to your Account Manager.