What is a Custom Moment

Custom Moments are distinct pages within each module where you can add your own content to the course. You can use Custom Moments to:

  • Encourage a clear plan of action
  • Highlight resources or provide additional information to build trust
  • Promote relevant products or services

For instance, after learners have been introduced to credit scores, you may include a Custom Moment that details the unique steps your financial institution takes to protect customers’ credit, along with a link to additional credit monitoring services offered on your institution’s website.

We’ll work with you to identify the best place to integrate your Custom Moments within each learning sequence to strengthen the teaching narrative and optimize learner engagement.

Layout Options

There are two Custom Moment layout options to choose from:

Layout 1: Custom Video
Layout 2: Custom Image


Build Your Custom Moments

We’ll need just a few pieces of information from you to build each Custom Moment. 

Layout Selection Layout 1 or 2 shown above
Primary Header 45 characters max
Secondary Header (optional) 1 sentence max
Visual Asset* Image or Video asset

  • Image: 980×550 px | .jpg or .png
  • Video: 2.5 minutes max | hosted on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Aspect ratio: 98:55
Copy Paragraph or Bulleted List

  • Paragraph: 5 sentences or less
  • Bulleted List: single column of 4 bullets, or dual column of 3 bullets each
Call-to-Action Button or Hyperlink with URL

  • Button: 3 words max
  • Hyperlink: 1 sentence
Learning Sequence Your preference of which module(s) the Custom Moments will be placed. If you’re not sure, we can work with you to determine the best placement for narrative integrity and learner engagement.

* Disclaimer: As part of customized development, the team might need to edit, crop, and/or compress provided images that do not fit our guidelines in order to ensure the best end user experience.

To get started, contact your Account Manager or submit a ticket to build your custom moments.