Create Your Landing Page

Your Achieve landing page is the central hub of your financial education program. From here, your customers, employees, partners, and community members can discover and engage with a vast library of interactive learning activities to suit their individual goals and needs. We work with you to build a customized landing page that reflects your institution’s unique brand identity.

Your landing page includes seven customizable elements:

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Favicon* The small square icon that appears next to the page title on a browser tab or a bookmark

Image dimensions: 16×16 px
Aspect ratio: 1:1

Logo* Your logo in the top left corner of your program site, which can link to your company website or back to the landing page

Horizontal logo recommended

Hero Image* The large banner image across the top of your landing page

Image dimensions: 1200×600 px
Aspect ratio: 2:1

Welcome Message A headline and short paragraph welcoming visitors to your program site

Title: 10 words or less
Copy: 2-3 sentences

Brand Colors A primary and secondary brand color used across your program site; one dark and one light color required to meet contrast and color accessibility standards
Marketing Area* An optional content area that you can use to highlight a product, service, or resource and communicate a call-to-action

Title: 10 words or less
Copy: 600 characters or less

Image dimensions: 565×420 px
Aspect ratio: 113:84

Social Sharing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email links for visitors to share with their social network

* Disclaimer: As part of customized development, the team might need to edit, crop, and/or compress provided images that do not fit our guidelines in order to ensure the best end user experience.

To get started, download the template below, add in your customizations, and contact your Account Manager or submit a ticket to build your custom landing page.

  • Achieve Landing Page Customizations Template