In the weeks leading up to your program launch, while we work to finalize your program site and custom moments, you’ll want to start preparing your strategy to support a healthy and successful program. This could include creating marketing assets to communicate the launch, running an employee pilot program, and preparing your technical environment to support the program.

Marketing Assets

Customize your digital and print materials to reflect your institution’s branding and messaging. Our Achieve Marketing Launch Guide includes templates for in-branch posters and flyers, digital signage, web ads, press releases, social medial posts, and internal as well as external emails. Use these as a starting point to create your own assets to promote the program in your own unique brand voice.

To accompany your launch, we recommend taking the following actions:

1. Send an email from your CEO to employees announcing the program

2. Issue a press release using a template provided by EVERFI to announce the program launch

3. Email your customers announcing the program and encouraging them to participate

4. Post program flyers, posters, and signage within your branch locations

5. Use social media and newsletters to reach both current customers and prospects

Employee Pilot Program

It may be helpful to launch an internal pilot program with your staff before sharing with your consumer base. Many partners have used this tactic to generate program awareness and encourage employees to become ambassadors for the program when it goes live externally. Learnings from the pilot program can also help you refine your program before you launch to a wider audience.

Technical Implementation

IT and Engineering resources are typically not required to launch your program unless you have purchased an SSO or API integration. Simply engage your webmaster and marketing teams to embed program links across your website and other communication channels and ensure that all EVERFI domains are on your allowlist to achieve optimal site performance.

You should also familiarize yourself with our minimum system requirements and our tech support page for questions that may arise. As always, feel free to contact your Account Manager if you need additional guidance in this area.