You can choose whether to offer user registration for your financial education program. Registered users can more easily keep track of their learning progress and are likely to be more engaged overall.

Registration Options

The following registration options are available for your program site:

No Registration Learners access the site as unregistered visitors and do not have the option to create a user account. Don’t worry, you’ll still receive analytics and reporting on how your program is doing
Optional Registration Learners are prompted to log in or create an account after completing their first learning activity. Recommended for consumer programs.
Required Registration Learners can view the landing page, but are required to log in or create an account before accessing any learning content. Recommended for employee programs.

Social Logins

If you elect to enable user registration (either required or optional) for your program, you can offer social login to make it easier for your users to register for the site.

Social logins use existing social networking accounts (e.g., Gmail or Facebook) to log users in, reducing the friction of creating an account and making it more likely that they’ll complete the registration.


Custom Registration Questions

When users register on the site, we ask a set of standard questions to get some baseline information about each user. You can choose to ask additional questions to collect more detailed information about your users as they register. For more information on how to include custom registration questions, contact your Account Manager.