Various technical integrations are available to help you seamlessly operate your Achieve program in tandem with your existing systems.

These are offered as add-ons to the base program. Contact your Account Manager or Customer Support for more information.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows a user to securely access multiple services using the same login credentials. Through SSO, EVERFI’s platform can have learners authenticate into your Achieve program via your organization’s identity provider, reducing sign-up friction and eliminating the need for users to create a new account or manage additional passwords.

Learn how it works with your Financial Education Programs.


EVERFI’s application program interface (API) allows your organization to manage learner profiles and course progress data in real time by integrating with our learning platform. Through the API, you can send your Achieve program data to your own application(s), where you’ll be able to see user activities, answers to custom registration questions, progress toward incentive activities, as well as which other pieces of content each user has accessed along with when they accessed it.

For more information, review our API overview for Achieve.

Content Embed

Typically, your audience accesses their financial education content via your customized Achieve landing page. However, for even greater flexibility, there is the option to integrate Achieve content directly onto your existing website through the Content Embed option. Click here for the 1-pager.

The Benefits

  • Embedding content into your own website gives you more control over how the content gets displayed.
  • You can include additional non-EVERFI content on the page, style the page to match your branding, and incorporate personalized messaging or disclaimers before and after each module.
  • Keep visitors in your institution’s ecosystem as they engage with the Achieve content – no need to direct to a separate Achieve program site.
  • Ideal option if you want to embed EVERFI’s content seamlessly into an authenticated web application (e.g., a retirement plan participation portal) or a native mobile app.

For more information on how to embed EVERFI content onto your site, reach out to your Account Manager or refer to the detailed Foundry Content Embed Implementation Guide.

Tag Manager

EVERFI’s Tag Manager feature within Achieve allows you to add your organization’s tag management system to the pages of their EVERFI microsite(s). Not only will this provide more granular analytics into content engagement, but it can also integrate with your existing systems to dig into that data in one place.

Let’s get started setting up Tag Manager.