Welcome to the Foundry Platform Information Center!

EVERFI is excited to announce to the world our new digital learning platform, Foundry. As our newest and most advanced system, Foundry enables program owners to easily identify, administer, track completion, and dig into the data surrounding their courses and trainings. The vision is to streamline your administrative processes so  you can spend less time managing your system and more time acting on data insights. We are also keeping the learner experience top of mind with engaging content and the flexibility to access trainings across multiple devices.

Our goal is to have all of our customers be able to take advantage of the new and improved functionality on Foundry and the newest and most updated courses by 2021. Organizations and institutions will begin the platform planning and migration process in the coming months. As your team begins preparing for the transition to Foundry and during the migration, use this page and its resources as a guide to get up and running successfully.

What is Foundry?

In an effort to provide the best-in-class experience, EVERFI has spent the past year building this new digital learning platform. Foundry allows administrators to easily customize learning content, create assignments on their schedule, and manage and track user progress along with other insightful reports. By simply adding your learners to the system, you can ensure everyone in your organization gets the training they need.

What Are the Benefits?

Flexible User Management   Progress and Completion Tracking
Manage Users in Foundry
Create lists of learners and organize them by role, location, or custom groups. Send assignments and track data by these unique segments. Know at a glance how many learners have completed a training and identify and reach out to those who have not. Our dashboards make it easy to track progress including completion and other progress information.


Course Assignments
Set it and forget it. Create learner profiles to determine who should receive training and use one of three assignment options to generate training requests. Assignment Management Page in Foundry
  • Quick Assignments: Assign learners from a list and map them to an assignment schedule.
  • Automatic Assignments: Define your learner profile and our system will search nightly to identify and notify new individuals that meet that assignment criteria.


Self-Service Customizations   Data Insights
Make the learner experience your company’s own with custom pages, welcome letters, videos, and custom content including internal and local resources. Foundry enables program owners to quickly update and change these customizations at any moment. Administrator level users are able to visualize information about the strengths of their organization and the perception, behaviors, and experiences of their learners.


How Do I Start Using Foundry?

Over the course of 2020, EVERFI will work with organizations to develop a detailed platform migration project plan in order to move from a legacy platform (LawRoom, CampusClarity, Higher Ed Partner Center (Homeroom), Workplace Answers) to Foundry. To ensure a smooth transition, each customer will be paired with an implementation specialist who will work with your team to provide education and guidance on how to set up your new account specific to your training plans.

Below is a typical migration timeline. Depending on what products you have, there will be a series of 3-4 meetings over a period of 30-45 days.

Customers will receive an email to begin the process of migrating to Foundry.  If you are ready to start now, click here and we will have an Account Manager reach out to schedule your Kick-Off!

Check out our Foundry Migration Information and Resource page for more detailed information.

Platform Migration Overview

The goal of this meeting is to review the process and timeline for you to migrate to Foundry. Customers will have the opportunity to learn more about the platform as well as ask questions regarding the process.This session will also cover the decisions required to successfully configure your Foundry account. We will review timelines for launching courses and build a training plan which will help determine how to organize your learners. Planning ahead and knowing who will receive which content is the key to success.

The Implementation Specialist will guide system administrators through a tour of Foundry. By the end of this meeting, you will know how to add users, customize courses, create assignments, and access data reports.

If your organization has integrations included in your contract, then this meeting is for you. An IT contact needs to attend to review and understand the set-up requirements to integrate with Foundry. We will review how the integration functions and provide all necessary documentation.

If you’re not sure if you have any integrations, you can always ask your Account Manager or Implementation Specialist to confirm.


By this point, you should have all the tools you need to set-up your Foundry account and launch your assignments. Of course, we understand if you want to touch base with us once more before officially sending out courses. Launch check-ins will be an opportunity for customers to ask any clarifying questions they may have prior to launching their first assignment.

Directly following the migration process it is recommended that each customer launch an EVERFI course.  While you may not have a large scale launch planned,  you should plan to launch at least one course to 10-15 learners.

So What's Next?

Are You Ready to Migrate to Foundry?

If you are ready to start the process to begin using Foundry, you can let us know by completing this form. Once we receive your response, your Account Manager will be in touch to begin scheduling your Migration Kick Off Call and introduce you to your Implementation Specialist.

Still Have Questions?

We understand this process involves a lot of moving pieces and each team has a unique schedule. That’s why we are here to help make this process a smooth transition and provide all the information you need. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below and the Foundry Migration Informational page . If you still have questions, talk to your Account Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Foundry?
A: Foundry is EVERFI’s new digital learning platform. It is the technology our customers use to administer our courses, track learner progress and review course data. The upgrade in platform changes how you launch your courses not the courses you launch.


Q: When will migration begin? Can you provide an estimated start date for our organization?
A: The timing of your organization’s migration depends on a few factors.  Courses you are using, any recent launches you have and our teams resources as well.  If you’d like to discuss the timing in more detail, please reach out to your Account Manager and we can select a time that works best for your organization. 


Q: Will there be any interruption to my current program?
A: No! Your current platform will continue to be available through the migration process. Once you have gone through the training and migration process, we will shut down your legacy platform. 


Q: We like our current platform. Do I have to migrate?
A: We are excited to upgrade the technology that our administrators are utilizing to launch their EVERFI courses.  EVERFI has prioritized our customers’ feedback in the creation of our most current platform. Foundry has upgraded technology that’s best suited to fit your company’s needs. The functionality and features are much more enhanced; we believe that it is truly the best option for all of our partners. As such, all new courses will be released only on Foundry, and our legacy platforms will be sunset in the coming year. 


Q: I am not the person responsible for making this change, how do I update the contact information?
A: Please reach out to your Account Manager or email customereducation@everfi.com – they will be able to facilitate any necessary changes!


Q: When will XYZ platform shut down?
A: Our legacy platforms will be shut down over the course of the year as we migrate people to our new platform.  The goal is to have all of our partners on Foundry at the end of 2020. 

Q:  What is the timing for this upgrade?
A:  Our goal is to have everyone moved over to the new platform by the end of 2020 but we will work with each partner to establish a timeline that works for you.


Q: How long does the process take?
A: This migration will take 3-6 weeks depending on your use of integrations. 


Q: What will the process look like?
A: Customers will work with our implementation team to set up training sessions in order to provide you the information you need to successfully migrate to our new platform.  Each session will highlight the steps you will need to take as well as the new features in our new platform and how to utilize them. 


Q: My organization just launched courses on the legacy platform. We won’t be assigning courses again for a few months.  Can I wait to go through the process?
A: Due to the constraints of migrating, we are asking partners to set up new Foundry accounts now. This way, when you are ready to launch your next course, you will be prepared and it will be a quick shift. In the training process we will discuss how to adjust your legacy account shutdown date if needed.

Q: What will the process look like?
A: Customers will work with our implementation team to set up training sessions in order to provide you the information you need to successfully migrate to our new platform.  Each session will highlight the steps you will need to take as well as the new features in our new platform and how to utilize them. 


Q: Will my customizations be copied over from the old platform automatically?
A: We will not be able to transfer customizations. However, many of our courses have the same customizations as before, and the process of re-uploading images and text should not be an onerous one.  This is a great opportunity to review the customizations you have set up and make any updates for the upcoming year!


Q: Will my learners and data  transfer to the new platform?
A: EVERFI will not be migrating the learner data from your legacy platform to Foundry.  Because the platform functions in different ways, we ask that you re-configure your account upon set up.  It is recommended that you download any data on the legacy platform for your records. This is a great opportunity to clean up your data and get a fresh start!


Q: We have integrations for our account, what will IT have to do to get this set up?
A: Your IT team will be invited to their own integrations webinar. We recommend distributing this documentation ahead of time to allow them to preview the scope of the project.


Q: My organization adds new learners every day to train.  Do I have to stop training? Will there be a gap in my assignments?
A: We do not allow training to be offered simultaneously on two platforms. That said, you can put the “switch over” day as close to your new launch as you would like. This will be further elucidated on your Kickoff Call!


Q: Will there be changes to the courses we are using?
A: EVERFI is currently auditing our course catalog to align with industry best practices . Some courses may be sunset while others will be updated.  We will be communicating any changes prior to the changes. 


Q: Will this change our integrations (SSO, API, LMS)?  Will we have to set the integrations up in the new platform?
A: The migration to the new platform will require your organization to set up new interactions.  As part of the migration process, we will advise you on the set up process and have a team ready to help troubleshoot. 


Q: How will the upgrade affect assignments that are already in progress? Those that started but haven’t completed and those that have not even started but have been assigned?
A: Because we are changing the platform you are launching on, you will have to create new assignments. There will be a grace period.  During that time you will be working to set up your new account and your learners will be completing any final assignments that had previously been made.   Our recommendation is to provide a hard deadline to learners to complete any outstanding assignments before the cut-off. After that deadline, anyone who did not complete the assignment can be re-assigned in the new platform.