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AlcoholEdu for Sanctions is a course intended for learners who have violated a campus policy related to alcohol consumption. The content reviews a lot of what was covered in AlcoholEdu for College with a sanctioning lens.

There are a few different options to assign this course on Foundry given the two assignment types and the fact that sanction processes are unique per institution. The methods below assume that all your learners are already uploaded as users to Foundry. If not, please review how to add users first. We also recommend creating custom invitation and reminder emails for this learning activity so learners have clear expectations about completion.

Use Quick Assignments Adding Users Individually

This method is recommended if there is a small number of students who need to be assigned the course at the same time. Creating a Quick Assignment allows administrators to train students as needed since learners are manually selected from a list and assigned. See the Create an Assignment page for instructions on how to create a Quick Assignment.

Use Quick Assignments via Quick Lists

A Quick List is a handy tool that allows administrators to upload a specific roster of learners and reference it for various actions across Foundry, such as to create assignments and to bulk deactivate users. This method is recommended if an administrator plans to assign AlcoholEdu for Sanctions to learners on a regular (weekly or monthly) basis. This requires keeping a list of learners for the period of time and assigning them all at once.

  1. Create a Quick List of the learners who need to be assigned
    • We recommend naming it something to make it clear who the learners are, such as “Sanctions September 2020”
  2. Create a Quick Assignment
    • When you get to the part where you select learners, instead of searching for specific users, use the “Quick List” filter along the left to select the list you just created

Use an Automated Assignment with Custom Labels

This last method reduces the number of steps and assignments needed to send AlcoholEdu for Sanctions to learners. Administrators can create an Automated Assignment ahead of time with set criteria. As learners need to get assigned, the administrator will apply those specific labels to the learner. Then, Foundry will automatically add the learner to the existing sanctions training.

We recommend using an Automated Assignment if there is a high volume of learners that need to be assigned the course throughout the academic year. This will also significantly reduce the number of assignments in your account. Steps 1 and 3 only need to be done once during initial setup. Step 2 needs to be repeated for each new learner who needs to be assigned.

  1. Before creating the Automated Assignment, create a Custom Category and Label that will be used to denote a learner needs to take AlcoholEdu for Sanctions.
    • Category = “Sanctions”
    • Label = Timeframe of how often you want track progress per cohort. Below are some examples
      • 2020-2021
      • Fall 2020, Spring 2021
      • October 2020, November 2020, etc.
  2. Go to Manage Users and apply the Label to the learners who need to be assigned AlcoholEdu for Sanctions. This can be done by individually searching for users or by using a Quick List.
  3. Create the Automated Assignment
    • To add the appropriate learners with the Sanctions label, expand the filter “Must be in one of these custom labels” and check the box for that Custom Label
      Select the filter called "Must be in one of these custom labels"
      Select the custom label you just created signifying a learner needs to be assigned sanctions
    • Click Save
  4. In the future if more new learners need to be assigned AlcoholEdu for Sanctions, then repeat step 2 only.

Reassigning the Course

If a learner is found in violation more than once and needs to take AlcoholEdu for Sanctions multiple times in an academic year, there are a few additional considerations that can depend on what functionality your Foundry account has.

  • In the left navigation, if you do not see the “Training Periods” option or the “Settings” at all, then
    • on the assignment set up page, make sure you click “Advanced Settings” and de-select the box that says “Prevent Duplicate Assignments”
      Advanced settings on an assignment menu. Uncheck the box that says "Prevent Duplicate Assignments"
  • In the left navigation, if you see “Training Periods” in the “Settings” menu, then you will need to first create a new Training Period for this assignment in order for the learner to receive this course again. We suggest naming this new Training Period something that is easily identifiable that it is used for sanctions. After you create a new Training Period, be sure to select it when you go and create the Quick Assignment

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Assigning this course follows the same process as all other courses on this platform.

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions is not available on this platform.