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Automated Assignments are “rolling” assignments in which you define learner criteria instead of identifying specific learners, and our system automatically finds the appropriate learners to assign your selected courses to based on your criteria. For instance, you could choose to have the assignment go out to all learners in a specific location or custom label, or anyone who has already completed a different course. Every night, the system will search through all the users in your account and pull in all learners who fit the set criteria. That means if any new users get added to your account, or a user changes from one location to another, they’ll automatically get added to the assignment without an administrator having to manually add them. However, because learners get added to the assignment on a rolling basis, they can have different due dates and it may be more complex to track overall progress on the assignment. 

You should use Automated Assignments for any assignments in which you don’t necessarily know the specific list of learners up front and don’t mind having the courses go out to learners on a rolling basis, for example courses for sanctions, ongoing new hire training, rolling admissions, and post-course surveys.

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