Platform Selector

Automated assignments use automatic selection to find learners. Each night, Foundry will look for learners who meet the criteria you select and assign those learners. If your criteria asks for people in the “HR” department who have completed a specific course, the assignment will go out to whoever meets those criteria.

So, whether you’re adding a new hire or updating existing users’ information in the system, if the users’ details meet the criteria that you have set in the Automated Assignment, they will receive the appropriate courses.

Automations tend to run at the following times:

  • 3:30am EST = Automated assignments will Assign users who meet the selected criteria (at this time, we also determine if someone is transitioned to past due which impacts their reminder schedule and email copy)
  • 7:00am EST = Automated assignments will start queuing emails to be sent

NOTE: This is just when jobs start processing, we cannot promise that emails are immediately in inboxes, but we aim to get this process as fast as possible.

To begin creating automated assignments, find Assignments in the sidebar.

Make a New Automated Assignment

To make a new automated assignment:

  1. Click Create Assignment in the top right corner of the Manage Assignments page.
  2. Once you are on the regular Create Assignment form, Select the Create an Automated Assignment button.
  3. Name your assignment.
    • Give your assignment a name that helps you and other admins understand what it is and why you made it.
      For example, “Diversity – New Employees.”
  4. If you are a secondary admin, set the Team
    • Teams are used to constrain an admin to a subset of learners. This restriction applies to assignments and reporting.
  5. If you use Training Periods, set the Training Period.
  6. Select Learning Activities for the learners (courses or other activities).
    • You can select one course or activity per assignment.
  7. Click Add Auto-select Criteria to set criteria for who will receive the assignment. Click Save to return to the New Assignment page.
    • Use the filters on the left to set rules for who should be included in the assignment.
    • For example, if you select “Chicago” from Locations, anyone at location Chicago will be eligible for the training.
  8. Set the “Automation Begins” date.
    • This is when you want learners to first access the course.
    • This is also the day when Automated Assignments begin queueing emails to be sent. Depending on volume of assignments and requests, learners may receive the invitation within the following 24 hours.
  9. Set the “Automation Stops” date.
    • This is the date when automation ends. When automation ends, it will stop checking for new learners to assign the course to.
    • You can choose to turn off this automation at anytime by selecting the Stop Automation button on the Assignment settings Tab for that assignment. Click here for more info.
  10. Set the “Due Duration”.
    • This is how long you give learners to complete an assignment, before they’re overdue.
    • Learners can still make progress after an assignment is due, but they will be considered overdue.
    • The Due Duration date can be changed once the assignment has been created.
  11. Select an Invite.
    • This will be sent to all invited learners by email.
  12. Select a Reminder.
    • This will be sent by email to those who are slow to finish.
    • You can come back and setup or change a reminder later. However, you can’t change emails that were already sent!
    • You can customize when reminders go out. By default reminders go out:
        Before due date: Every other week on Monday.
        After due date: Every week on Monday.
  13. Double check your assignment details. Click Create Assignment in the bottom right corner when you are done.