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Once you have configured your course, you may wish to preview the course as your learner would. The preview feature is available based on the course content. Courses can be previewed linearly by clicking through the course; using the navigation to jump around sections may not be available in each course.

The courses below can be previewed using the preview feature:

  • Bridges: Building a Supportive Community
  • Bridges | Taking Action
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace (Higher education institutions)
  • Hazard Communication (CA)
  • Hazard Communication (US)
  • HIPAA Basics (US)
  • Managing Bias 
    • (New version – if the preview button does not appear, you should contact support to be moved to the updated course)
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Adult Learners
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Athletic Staff

To utilize the preview feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Content > Content Library
  2. Locate the course you want to preview
  3. Click Configure in the bottom right corner of the course card
  4. Click Preview in the top right corner of the page

This feature will not display content that is state-specific unless it is a custom policy or resource or content that is specific to supervisors or non-supervisors (only the default role in the course will display).

For all other courses,  you must assign yourself the course as a learner. If you are not already a learner, you must edit your profile and select the appropriate learner role. Once you are a learner, we recommend creating a Quick Assignment referencing it is a “Test” with all the content you plan on implementing. Add yourself and any other administrators as learners to go through the experience.

Pro Tip: Turn off reminders so you do not have to necessarily go through the entire course.

Higher Ed Partner Center (HEPC)

To preview the standard content of the courses, go to the “Courses” tab, search for the one you are looking at, and click the blue “Preview” button.

If you would like to preview the course with the customizations you added to the course, on the “Customization” tab you can click the “Preview” button to see the course as a learner would.

To preview the courses on this platform, you will need to assign yourself to the course as a learner.