Picking a Course to Customize

Adding custom questions to one of your courses is a good way to learn about your learners. You can add/remove questions as well as enable/disable the custom survey sections. Note that enabling & disabling back-and-forth can cause issues when trying to tell a data story.

  1. Login to Foundry.
  2. Go to a course in the Content Library
  3. Click Configure
  4. Click the Surveys tab
  5. For some, this page will be empty – this means you do not currently subscribe to any courses that included customizable surveys. Reach out to your customer support representative to learn more.
  6. For everyone else, you will see surveys listed in a table and which course to which it relates. Click Configure to add questions to a survey.

Custom Questions and Enabling Your Survey

  1. After choosing a course and selecting to edit, you will notice a few things on the new page:
    • A Publish Survey button to enable or disable your custom surveys section.
    • Two tabs: “Questions” and “Preview”.
    • A button to add your custom section.
  2. The Publish Survey Button
    • This is your publishing tool – once you have your questions and answer options in a form you are happy with, you can enable to custom survey section. All new assignments of that course will contain your new questions.
    • If you choose to Unpublish the custom questions, all new assignments will no longer contain those custom questions, but users who were assigned previously will still see those questions.
  3. The Tabs
    • The “Questions” tab is where you will create and manage your custom questions. Once they are in a state you are happy with, you can use the “Preview” tab to see how they will look to your learners.
    • Using the “Preview” tab, you can review how your questions will look for your learners. It will not, however, let you preview the rest of the survey – only your custom section.
  4. Adding Custom Questions
    • Adding custom questions can help you tell a data story.
    • Start by selecting ”Add New Section” on the “Questions” tab.
    • You will be prompted to give your section a name and description. A section, for the learner, is a page – so this name and description will act as the page title and instructions for your learners. You are only allowed a single section for your custom questions.
    • Once your section is created, you can add questions. You can choose from multiple choice questions, open ended text questions, likerts, or even questions that require inputting numbers and decimals.
    • Once all of your questions and answer options have been configured, you can order your questions, use the preview to make sure it is ready to go live.
    • Once ready, use the Publish button to “enable” your custom survey section.
    • You can always come back to Unpublish when you want to make changes, before republishing.