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The bulk data download feature allows administrators to generate larger datasets in .csv format. These datasets allow more advanced analysis through filtering or crosstab. For example, an administrator may want to see sexual harassment attitude data by gender, or drinking rates by campus.

Currently the tool allows access to Foundry survey response data in bulk which includes data from these Foundry reports:

In the future, the tool will be expanded to support additional data types.

If you would like access to bulk data exports, please contact your Account Manager or submit a case to the EVERFI support team.

To Create a Bulk Data Report

  1. Go to Reports > Downloads and click Generate New Download in the top right corner
  2. Enter the parameters for the data you want to download:
    • File name = name the file for future reference, or use the default file name
    • Course = Select the course the corresponds to the data you wish to download
    • Survey name = Select the survey you wish to download. You must initiate a download for each survey.
    • Date rang: = The date the learner responded to the survey
  3. Select Create Download and allow the download to process
  4. The data export will be available in the list once processing is complete
  5. Click the download icon to download
  6. Before the download is initiated, administrators will be prompted to accept the privacy terms
    • The link to download will expire after 24 hours but can be regenerated. The download itself will be deleted from EVERFI servers after 30 days.

File Format

  • Each user has its own row. Each of the user’s answers will be in a separate column.
  • Multiple response questions are split up so each response has its own column.
  • Column headers should have this format <question_id> – <question_text>.
  • Data is current through the end of the previous day (in UTC).

Data Restrictions

There is a 200 total response count minimum (across all learners on the evaluation) that needs to be met to protect privacy.

LawRoom and CampusClarity

This feature is not available for this platform.


On the Higher Ed Partner Center (Homeroom), you can access the raw survey data from the current and past years’ surveys on the Reports section of the dashboard.