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Deactivating an assignment is a way to close old assignments before trying to retrain your learners.

When you Deactivate an Assignment:

  • The Assignment will be closed.
  • Reminders will no longer go out to learners.
  • Learners will no longer be able to make new progress in their learning activities.
  • The course will show as “Closed” in the Learner Dashboard.

Deactivated assignments are available to view by changing the Assignment page filter to include Deactivate Assignments.


How to Deactivate an Assignment:

  • Click on the Assignment card you want to Deactivate on the Assignment List Page
  • On the Details page, navigate to the Assignment Settings Tab
  • Find the Advanced Settings and click to expand that section
  • Click to Deactivate.

I just want to turn off the Selection Automation on my Automated Assignment, How do I do that?

  • Next to the Deactivate Assignment button is the Stop Automation button.

    • This is exclusive to automated assignments and will not deactivate the assignment
    • Selecting this button will turn off the nightly selection automation.
    • Any learners that have already been assigned the training will not be affected, it simply will not assign the training to any new learners that meet the criteria that has been set in the Automated Assignment.