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When a learner completes a course, they will receive a digital certificate of completion for their courses. While we still recommend going to the Training Progress Report to track completions and compliance, these certificates can also be used as a way to ensure learners take their assigned courses.

The certificate includes the course name, learner name, date completed, and name of the account. It is a PDF file.

A certificate with a blue border. Centered on the page is the name of the course, "This certifies that" name of learner "completed the following course" name of course. In the bottom left corner is the date of completion above the account name. In the bottom right corner is the EVERFI logo.

Administrator Access

This feature is not automatically enabled for all customers. If you would like to be able to download learner completion certificates, please contact Support.

1. Go to Content Content Library

2. Search for a course and click anywhere on the card to view the course detail page

3. In the top right corner, click More ActionsGenerate Certificate Download

4. Complete the form

    • File Name will appear in the zip file name. It is recommended to include the course name and time frame of the criteria.
    • Training Period will appear if enabled in your account.
    • From Date – To Date are optional fields. If nothing is selected, then certificates for all time will be generated.

Bulk Certificate Download Form

5. Click Save

6. Go to the Certificates tab to access the zip file and all previously requested certificate downloads

Important to Note: Each download will be available for 24 hours for data security purposes. After 24 hours, the status will change to “Expired” and can no longer be accessed. If you need to access that data again, you can clone the request by clicking the copy icon Green rectangle overlapping another green rectangle to indicate a copy.

7. Under “Actions” on the table, click the down arrow icon to download the zip file Green down arrow over a horizontal line indicating download.

8. Open the zip file to access each individual PDF certificate.

    • The PDF file name contains the completion date, learner name, and unique content ID (a string of alpha numeric characters)
    • For example: YYYYMMDD_Last_First_xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Learner Access

Learners are able to access their completion certificates from their unique Learner Dashboard.

1. Learners log into their Learner Dashboard

2. Click Completed to view all courses they finished

3. Search for the course they want to review and click Download Certificate

On the Learner Dashboard, the "Completed" tab is selected and is displaying two course cards. On each card below the title is a button titled "Download Certificate"