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When a Foundry message is sent to an invalid email address or bounces, there are a few ways an administrator can flag these users.

  • A banner warning appears on the User Profile page it is associated with. This banner appears above the email address and below action buttons.
  • On the Manage Users page using the filter called “Email Issues” that can be checked to display all users that fit that criteria.
  • In the Email Activity: Unsubscribed Report, there is a count of how many Bounced emails have been sent from Foundry

Emails can bounce for various reasons, but we most commonly we see it is because the email address is incorrect or the message was sent prior to the email address being active for new learners.

To remove users from the Bounced Email List:

  1. Go to the User Profile
  2. Click “Correct user’s email”
    1. If the email address is wrong, edit it to be correct and confirm
    2. If the email address is correct, re-confirm (Note: This update can only be done once by an administrator. If the email remains the same and bounces again, you will need to contact support to fix this. This is to ensure Foundry does not repeatedly send emails to an invalid inbox.)
  3. The User Profile should no longer have the bounced email warning and the Bounced Users number in the Email Activity Report will go down

This feature is only available on Foundry.