Prep Your Infrastructure

Our courses are delivered via the Internet, where implementation depends on digital networks and computer technology. While we don’t anticipate your company or institution will experience difficulty; we recommend you follow the technology tips below to help you minimize potential technical issues.

  1. Include​ ​Your​ ​IT​ ​Staff (please share this document with IT)
  2. Update​ ​Your​ ​browsers
  3. Use Chrome whenever possible. On desktop/laptop we support the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
  4. Enable​ ​Cookies​ ​&​ ​JavaScript
  5. Check​ ​Network​ ​Filters​ ​&​ ​Privacy​ ​Settings: Confirm you’re not blocking access to our web sites. For a complete list of servers and domains our content sources from, please see the Server and Domain Allow List.
  6. Check​ ​Your​ ​Speed: Most issues we encounter stem from bandwidth limitations (heavy network traffic on your computer’s internet connection). As a precaution, we recommend at least 1Mbps per user. Go to and run a test during business hours. If your download speed is greater than 25 Mbps, you should be fine for a group of 25 learners all on the same network.
  7. Are you using a Quality of Service (QoS)? If your network has this configuration and is prioritizing certain types of network traffic over others, it could be limiting bandwidth to our courses.
  8. If you’re implementing single sign-on between Foundry and your organization’s identity asset management solution, see SAML Single Sign-On System Requirements.

Test!​ ​Test!​ ​Test!

Test EVERFI courses on your network before the big launch day.

  1.  Receive invites and make progress on a course from a user’s computer or tablet.
  2. Check our System Requirements: You may find different levels of success depending on the age of your device and software. It is not possible for us to test all device models and software combinations. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a perfect experience on your particular model and recommend you test the course on your devices to determine compatibility.


  1. Remember​ ​the​ ​headphones: Our courses feature audio. We recommend each learner use a set of headphones.
  2. Tablets and mobile? While our courses should work well on tablets, there are practical issues delivering this kind of training to mobile devices and some models may not render courses correctly on certain browsers. ​We do not develop or test against smartphones.

Consider​ ​Your​ ​Other​ ​Online​ ​Experiences

If your company or institution has utilized other online courses in the past, is there anything you learned from those experiences that you should apply to EVERFI’s programs?