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  1. Adding Languages to Your Account
  2. Course Configurations in Multiple Languages
  3. Learner Experience

Adding Language to Your Account

If you need another languages added to your Foundry account, you can contact your Account Manager or submit a ticket to EVERFI support. The languages available for courses and learning activities vary.

Course Configurations for Multiple Languages

Within the learner experience, the policies, resources, and fully configurable pages can be customized with multiple languages. See the sections below for instructions for each of these elements.

  • Adding Policies in Multiple Languages

  • Adding Resources in Multiple Languages

  • Configuring Pages in Multiple Languages

    If the course you are deploying has the option to add fully configurable pages, all the text elements allow you to add content in another language. There can only be one image or video uploaded per page for all languages.

    1. Go to Content > Content Library and select the course you want to configure. Click Configure.
    2. Click Edit on the element you want to customize.
    3. Notice the left side is the text box to enter your content and the right side lists the Available Languages. It is defaulted to English.
    4. Enter your content into the text box for the first selected language.
    5. Before clicking Save, select the next language you want to add content for and add the content into the text box. You will see the content in the text box disappear when the second languages is selected. If you toggle to the first language, you will see your content is still there.
    6. Repeat for all other languages and click Save.

Learner Experience

  • For a learner to select their preferred language of Foundry, on the Learner Dashboard they can click “Tools” in the top right corner next to their name.
  • This will open a drop-down menu with the option to select the language

This article only applies to Foundry.