Platform Selector

Assignments, like in a classroom, are used to assign a group of learners any number of learning activities. You can create a unique invite for each assignment, choose a reminder schedule, and set a due date.

To begin, find Assignments in the sidebar.

Here you will see a list of all assignments at your organization made within the last year. These assignments are listed chronologically and you can change how it is sorted with a filter.

The Create Assignment page provides a short form where you can make just the right kind of assignment for your learners. If you set the start date for a day in the future, you will be able to return and edit assignment details. If you set its start date for today, it will go out as soon as possible (within the hour, in most cases) but some things will not be editable such as the Invite or the included learning activities.

Make a New Assignment

To make a new assignment:

    1. Click Create Assignment in the top right corner of the Manage Assignments page.
    2. If you want to use an automated assignment, select the “Automated Assignment” button at the top of the form.
    3. Name your assignment.
      • Give your assignment a name that helps you and other admins understand what it is and why you made it.
        For example, “Diversity training for temps – winter ‘18.”
    4. Select Learning Activities for the learners (courses or other activities).
      • You can select one course or activity per assignment.
    5. If you are a secondary admin, set the Team.
      • Teams are used to constrain an admin to a subset of learners. This restriction applies to assignments and reporting.
    6. If you use Training Periods, set the Training Period.
    7. Click Add Learners to select learners who will receive the assignment. Click Save to return to the New Assignment page.

      • Click the checkbox next to each name you want to receive the assignment. You may need to scroll down to make sure you add everyone.
      • You may also use the filters on the left hand side of the screen to narrow your search and further select learners for the training.
    8. Set the Invite Date
      • This is when you want learners to first access the course.
      • This is also the day when learners will receive the course invitation email.
    9. Set the Due Date
      • Learners can still make progress after an assignment is due, but they will be considered overdue.
    10. Select an Invite
      • This will be sent to all invited learners by email.
    11. Select a Reminder
      • This will be sent by email to those who are slow to finish.
      • You can come back and setup or change a reminder later. However, you can’t change emails that were already sent!
      • By default, reminders go out every other week on Monday before the due date, and every week on Monday after the due date. You can also customize when reminders go out. Don’t worry, no one will get a reminder for an assignment after they complete it.
      • At 7:00am EST, we will start processing reminders to be sent to learners.
    12. Double check your assignment details. Click Create Assignment in the bottom right corner when you are done.