Reports in Foundry let you easily filter and understand the status of your users. They are powered by the data visualization tool Tableau.

There are four types of Reports. Each report offers filters that allow you to narrow or broaden your data. In most cases, a mark (such as a bar in a bar graph) will act as a filter if you click on it. You can reset filters by hitting the escape key.

To begin, find Reports in the sidebar.

Note: Data displayed in reports may be up to 24 hours old, in certain cases. If you see some numbers that look wrong, keep this in mind.

The four types of reports are outlined below.

Training Snapshot

    •  – Shows brief overview of the total number of Active Learners, Activated Courses, Learner Assignments, Learner Assignments Overdue, and Learner Assignments Complete. For more details, go to the

Training Snapshot

    •  page.

Policy Acknowledgement – Shows you the policy acknowledgements and allows you to download them for a specific user or all users. Note: The Policy Acknowledgement report is updated nightly.

Training Progress – Shows learner progress by course(s). If you want to see what percent of learners have completed or not started a specific course, or overall coursework, this is the best report option. For more details, go to the Training Progress page.

Email Activity – Shows all email notification activity. If you want to see the percent of emails opened and the percent of emails where learners clicked the assignment links this is the best report option. For more details, go to the Email Activity page.

Download Your Data

Each report allows you to download data. To download all data: Click Download in the upper right of the page.
This will download your data using the current filters.