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This report shows user responses to embedded course assessments. In-course assessments are not available for all courses which is why it may not appear on your dashboard. Assessments are knowledge-based questions with correct/incorrect answers which result in a final score per learner. Some assessments have a passing grade.

This report can be filtered by:

  • Learner Name
  • Course Name
  • Assessment Name
  • Progress Status
  • Assessment Passed
  • Team Name (if available)
  • Training Period

To download this report to a .CSV, an image, or a PDF for further analysis you can click Download in the top right corner of the page.

Passing Scores

Not all courses have a passing score for their assessments due to the nature of their contents.

  • Sexual Assault Prevention courses do not have a passing score
  • AlcoholEdu for College has a standard passing score of 70%

This feature is not available for this platform.