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With all the helpful automated messages being sent from Foundry, we understand that administrators are looking for visibility into what users are receiving. We have now upgraded the email activity report to provide not just the traffic totals but a detailed log of all activity.

This data is broken out into 2 different reports on the Foundry dashboard

  • Email Activity: Sent
    • A Notification Summary of all emails sent: invitations, reminders, reports ready, password resets
  • Email Activity: Unsubscribed
    • A list of users who are not receiving emails and why (bounced, unsubscribed, suppression lists)

Email Activity: Sent

Administrators can look at this data for individual users to see if they actually received the email or sort by communication template type to see how effective and engaging your custom messages are. Across the top are 3 statistics about all historical activity in your Foundry account:

  1. Summary Counts
  2. Date Chart
  3. Activity Log
  4. .CSV File Download

Summary Counts

Across the top are 3 statistics about all historical activity in your Foundry account:

  1. Unique Users Emailed
  2. Total Emails Sent
  3. Total Emails Clicked

Email Activity Report: Notification Summary Section.

Date Chart and Filter

Below that, the report displays a chart of the total emails sent and emails clicked. There is also a Date Range filter that updates all sections of the report when set.

Email Activity Report, Total Emails Sent & Clicked section

Activity Log

The Notification Activity Log table provides advanced filters and shows detailed information about each notification. Each row is specific to a notification event (when a message was sent or clicked) and includes the following data:

  • Email Address – the user’s unique identifier
  • Message Purpose – invitation, reminder, password reset, report ready
  • Parent Template – if a custom template was used, the parent template is the original that is copied (i.e.: Default HE Student Training Invitation)
  • Message Template – the specific name of the template used
  • Message Event Type – delivery status (Message Sent, Message Bounced)
  • Date – when the notification was sent, with a date and time stamp

.CSV File DownloadUsing the download 

The .csv download also contains a message_id column which identifies each notification uniquely.

Email Activity: Unsubscribed

This report tab drills down into the data behind why a user may not have received a notification. The report has 3 sections:

  1. Summary Counts
  2. Bounced and Unsubscribed Users
  3. .CSV File Download

Summary Counts

Email Activity Report, Unsubscribed Section

Each of these is a different scenario for why an email might not be sent.

  • Bounced User – Once an email sent to a user has bounced, Everfi will no longer attempt to send emails to that user. This happens without any action on the part of the user.
  • Unsubscribed (Global) –  Users who requested to be globally unsubscribed from all EVERFI emails and will not receive any future notification from Foundry.
  • Unsubscribed (by List) – Users who requested to be unsubscribed from a specific type of Foundry notification and will not receive any future notifications of that type.
    • For example, a user unsubscribes from Conduct & Culture reminder emails will not receive any future reminder emails for Conduct & Culture courses.

Once a user unsubscribes either globally or by list, they cannot resubscribe automatically. If you have learners who need to resubscribe, please contact support.

See here for more information on how to edit a Bounced User Email.

Bounced and Unsubscribed Users

This section has a set of filters to look for a specific user or filter to certain types of lists. It has these fields:

  • Email – Learner’s email address
  • Bounced – Is the learner flagged as a bounced user
  • Unsubscribe (Global) – Is the learner on the global unsubscribe list
  • Unsubscribe List – Name of the standard (not global) unsubscribe list the user is on. If they are on more than once they should have multiple rows
  • Unsubscribe List Description – Describes what the list applies to.

Note About the Unsubscribe Button: Including an unsubscribe option ensures that our emails make it to a learner’s inbox. It signals to email service providers that we are a “good” email and prevents recipients from marking Foundry emails as spam, blocking emails from us for good. We have tested delivering emails both ways (with and without unsubscribe options) and the unsubscribe option significantly improves delivery.

We also recently made improvements to the unsubscribe functionality. Now, when a learner unsubscribes from a Reminder email, they will still get future Invitation emails. See the Email Activity: Unsubscribed Report section above.

This video will walk you through how to review any “bounce back” emails we receive when sending out the assignment notifications and reminders. This included how to update the user’s profile if the email address is incorrect.

This feature is not available for this platform.