This report displays the responses for each question for an in-course survey. Only one question is displayed at a time so we recommend using this report if you have a specific data point you want to explore or see a visualization for. If you would prefer to see the results of more than one question at a time, the Survey Results Report will better suit your needs.

Survey Results by Question Report displays one question at a time for all in-course surveys.

Set Your Filters

When the report first loads it will appear blank. In order to see the data for a question, you will need to set all the filters first for the data visualization of the responses will appear below.

  1. Course
  2. Training Period (if in use)
  3. Survey
  4. Course Section
  5. Question

Note: Results are hidden if there are fewer than 20 responses collected. This is to maintain anonymity and protect the data and identity of participants.

Question View

The question view shows the following information:

  • Survey Name
  • Section Name
  • Section Description
  • Question Text
  • Answer Text(s)
  • Total responses
  • % of responses for each answer

The Previous and Next buttons can be used to move through the questions in that section. To see questions in other sections you will need to change the section filter.

Downloading the Report

Once you have a view of a question’s results, you can download the visualization as an image or PDF.