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The Survey Results Report displays aggregated results from pre, post, and follow-up surveys that are deployed with assigned learning. Depending on what EVERFI Network you are a member of, you may see this displayed as Workplace Insights Report.

This report can be used to search and browse through survey results and see response counts for each question. Users can search by entering keywords into the search bar to easily find specific survey questions and corresponding results or view the data by section. This can make it easier to digest the data and measure any behavioral changes over time.

Course Evaluation Summary

The top section of this report will display all the courses, and associated evaluations, that are active and have activity in your account. The number displayed to the right represents the total number of responses collected in that survey.

Select a survey by clicking on the row of the survey you want or by selecting it from the evaluation dropdown. This will load the survey results in the lower tile.

Survey Results

Once a survey is selected, the results will display below if there are at least 20 responses. There are 6 filters across the top to specify the data displayed.

  • Search Question Text
  • Training Period
  • Section Title
  • Benchmark
  • Sort By
  • Sort Order

The results table shows the survey question, answers, benchmarks, answer count, and percent of total answer count.

Bottom section of Survey Results Report. Each question, all the responses and percentage of results is displayed


These benchmarks are set by EVERFI and are dependent on a few factors including the EVERFI Network your organization is a member of. These include industry, company/institution size, state, athletic conference, religious affiliation, and minority serving institution. For each benchmark, a row will be added to the results table for every response.

Benchmark data is inclusive of the organization’s data. It will not be available for a given survey until the organization has deployed the survey and generated responses.

Display Rules

For benchmark data to display for an individual question, all of the following must be true:

  • At least 3 organizations are included in the benchmark attribute group
  • No more than 66% of the responses in a benchmark group come from a single organization
  • There are at least 20 responses for a question

Some questions are never benchmarked:

  • Demographic Questions
    • In order to maintain anonymity of survey data, questions about the demographics of the respondent cannot be benchmarked.
  • Custom survey questions
    • These are questions that a customer creates and implements only within their organization.

Customer Average benchmark:

  • All customers have Customer Average as an available benchmark by default.
  • Customer average benchmark data includes data from any EVERFI customer who implemented that survey, regardless of Network.
  • All customers will be included in the customer average benchmark if they have deployed a given survey and generated responses for that survey.

Export the Data

To print the results and data visualizations, first generate a PDF. In the upper right corner of the report, click the “Download” dropdown and select Download PDF. This will open a modal where you can choose settings for your PDF.

PDF Menu for the Report. Determine what sections of the page to include in the download.

  1. Select “Include: Specific sheets from this dashboard”
  2. Pick either the Top Section or Bottom Section
    • Top Section will generate a PDF of the summary of courses, surveys and the response counts (The “Course Evaluation Summary” section)
    • Bottom Section will generate a PDF of all the questions and responses that have been loaded in the bottom tile, including the scrolling content. To generate a PDF of a more specific data set, first filter to the questions you wish to include in the PDF
  3. Once the PDF has been generated and downloaded, open the PDF and print.

Higher Ed Partner Center

To view the survey results for your courses, go to the “Reports” tab and select what type of Report, the year, and specific groups you want to view.

This report is not available for this platform.