This report shows exactly who has made how much progress on what. There are many filters available to narrow your view and help you answer specific, as well as general, questions.

Note: The Training Progress Reports refresh nightly. If you see some numbers that look wrong, keep this in mind.

The components of the report are explained in detail below.

Learner Assignments

This chart shows the number of learners in each status. These bars sum to 100% but you can also see an absolute value for number of learners with the status.

Learner List

This is a list of all the learners represented above. This list shows each learner assignment, rather than each learner. It is quite possible that someone will appear multiple times in the list, if they have been assigned multiple courses. Multiple learner assignments for a single learner will appear in one extra tall row and have a different course, assignment name, and status.
To sort by any field in this list, use the “Sort Column” filter at the top of the list.

To download this data, click  Download in the upper right of the page.

Assignment Filters

Filter by Learning Activity to select all your courses or any particular ones that you want to learn about.
Filter by Assignment Name to see just those assigned under a specific batch assignment.
Filter by Invite Date to select only courses that started within a certain time period.

Learner Filters

Filter by Location to select learners at only certain locations.
Filter by Added Date to select learners who were added to Foundry only within a certain date range.