This report shows a very high level summary of training at your organization. The report is for the “Last 365 days”.

What the Numbers Mean

Current Learners: This counts the number of learners who exist during the time period, minus those who were deactivated before the time period.

Current LearnerAssignments: This counts the number of assignments active during the time period. The number of assignments completed, in progress, and past due is provided.

Training Per Topic: This outlines the percent of learners assigned to each course.

Learner Assignments Out: This shows the number of assignments created for learners during the period that are past due.

Note on learner assignments: There are two levels to an assignment. The batch assignment, shown on the Manage Assignments page, and the individual user-assignment. For example, if you assign 3 people in one assignment, each individual will also have a unique relationship to the assignment, with their own completion status, time in course, etc. Where reports refer to Learner Assignments, they mean this smaller unit, also called an “enrollment” in some systems.