This report displays a summary of activity in your Foundry account for the last year. Data beyond that can be found in the other more specific Reports.

What the Numbers Mean

Current Learners: The number of learners who exist during the time period, minus those who were deactivated before the time period. The number of learners with at least one assignment and those with none are shown.

Current LearnerAssignments: The number of assignments active during the time period. The number of assignments completed, in progress, and past due is provided.

Training Per Topic: This outlines the percent of learners assigned to each course and completion rates.

Learner Assignments Out: Shows the number of assignments created for learners during the time period that are past due.

Note: There can be multiple courses associated with one assignment.

Download the Data

In the top right corner, click “Download” to save the report as an image or as a .PDF.