What is an Application Program Interface (API)?

An Application Program Interface (API) is a set of procedures and tools used to create a software program. Through the Foundry API, you can manage users (add, update, deactivate and re-activate), locations, categories and labels, and retrieve users’ learning progress and program activity.

Why it Matters

The API allows data and information to be shared seamlessly between a course platform and course applications. While not required, if integrated, it requires less manual work from IT Administrators because established protocols are used and less time is needed to discover and create programming for a course and its features to work together.


If you want to use the API, there are implementation steps required to integrate the interface.

API Documentation and Postman Collection – Provides templates, documentation and sample requests: EverFi Public API Postman Collection

Workday Studio

If you are connecting Workday Studio to the Foundry API, download this CLAR file developed by an EVERFI partner for pointers. This is a starter template, not a complete solution, that illustrates authentication, token management, and a simple GET request. You will need to implement your own logic specific to your organization and your needs.