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The goal of Training Periods is to help administrators have more control over what assignments learners receive and when. This will be particularly impactful for organizations that are creating assignments for learners who have previously received a course and need to take it again for various reasons. Accounts that have multiple departments or teams with different training plans and overlapping learners will also benefit from Training Periods.

Essentially, this new feature removes the need for the “Prevent Duplicate Assignments” checkbox and the concept of a learner getting “Excluded” from an assignment based on past courses assigned and/or completed.

Which Version of Assignments Are You Using?

In 2020, we made several improvements to how Foundry manages and categorizes assignments giving administrators more control over who receives what content. The following article explains Training Periods which is a new feature only available with the new assignment logic and features. Our goal is to have all customers using this newer functionality. To determine which version of assignments you are using, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Foundry Administrator Dashboard
  2. Look for “Settings” in the left navigation towards the bottom
  3. If there is no “Settings,” then go to this Assignment Logic page.
  4. If there is “Settings” but there is not “Training Periods,” then go to this Assignment Logic page.
  5. If there is “Settings” and there is “Training Periods,” then follow the instructions below and reference this Creating Assignments article.

If steps 3 or 4 apply to you, but you are interested in using the newer functionality, please contact Customer Support with this request.

What is a Training Period?

A Training Period is a type of tag that assignments can be associated with. Learners who are assigned the same course within the same Training Period will only see that course once on their Learner Dashboard while all administrators who assigned that course can track progress in their respective Assignments and Reports.

Administrators have the capability to create as many training periods as needed and edit the names and descriptions. These are not necessarily tied to specific dates and can be whatever fits the needs of your organization’s training plan. All organizations (existing and newly created) will have a default training period in their account to begin that all assignments will fall into unless otherwise specified.

All Assignments must have a Training Period attached to them and any Training Period associated with an Assignment cannot be Archived. Only administrators can see Training Periods; they are not visible to learners.

Examples of Training Periods

  • Calendar Year (2020, 2021, 2022)
  • Academic Year (2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023)
  • New Hire Cohort Q2 2020
  • Bi-Annual Retraining January-June 2020

Create and Edit a Training Period

  1. To create a new Training Period, Go to Settings > Training Period and click + New Training Period
  2. Complete the form
    • Training Period Name
    • Lines of Business (multi-select if applicable)
    • Description
    • Training Period State: Active, Archived, Draft
  3. To edit an existing Training Period, on that same page click the pencil icon to adjust the name, description, and whether or not it is Active

Higher Ed Partner Center

On this platform, Training Periods are pre-determined on a global scale and cannot be adjusted individually per organization. Instead of Training Periods, specific learner cohorts can be set up for your learners for easier tracking. Please contact your Account Manager to set this up.

At the end of every academic year around the end of May or beginning of June, we go through a process called Rollover. During Rollover, the learner data in your account gets moved to “Historical Records” so the Dashboard is refreshed in preparation for the next academic year.

For more information on this process and what that means for the various data points in your account, take a look at Reports.


This feature is not available on LawRoom.


To track learner progress and data per year, Training Year filters can be created and applied to learners. Learners can receive specific assignments per Training Year which can then be sorted and digested in Reporting on CampusClarity.

To set up a new Training Year, please contact your Accouct Manager.