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To identify learners who have not registered for the course, you can use the Unregistered Student Finder tool. This involves uploading your target roster of learners for a particular course or courses, so that our system can identify any learners who have not yet registered for the course. Access our step-by-step instructions for using this tool here.

  • Does your roster match the format of the template provided in the tool? It needs to exactly match the template format in order to upload properly. Click the “Download Template” button on the tool to that the format of your roster matches the template format.
  • Please make sure you have only four columns of information on your roster: First Name, Last Name, Email, Student ID (in that specific order).
  • The column headers need to be listed exactly as they are in the template roster (same capitalization, spacing, etc.)
  • The roster needs to be saved in .csv format.
  • Is there any information missing for students/employees in your roster? If there is any information missing (i.e. an email or a name, etc.) then the roster will not upload properly.
  • Please be sure there are no special characters in the names on your roster (i.e. accents, etc.) as this will cause errors when uploading the roster.
  • If you are not requiring student/employee id as a customization feature during registration then you do not need to add id’s to your roster. You will still need to keep that column, with the column header, but simply leave it blank with no ID’s listed.
  • The Unregistered Student Finder allows up to 6 rosters at a time. Please delete an older roster and the option to upload will be available again. For additional instructions on using this tool, click here.

To make changes to a roster that you have loaded in the Unregistered Student Finder tool, you will need to download your list, make any necessary changes, and re-upload this new list. You can delete your old roster.

This feature is only available on the Higher Ed Partner Center (Homeroom).